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  1. Application for membership - by R0S3

    <18:52:45> You are banned temporarily. Try again in 1d 20:33:32
  2. Application for membership - by R0S3

    Tack så mycket! If possible I will come say hello on ts after 19:00 / 7pm. Looking forward to explore the community.
  3. Application for membership - by R0S3

    Thank you so much! I can assure you that I am mature for my age (17). I will join your teamspeak server later today when I am available, I have already bookmarked your server. However, unfortunetly I have been banned for 3 days, I gave off an immature vibe, but all I actually wanted to do was to join your community. I hope we can solve out this misunderstanding. I found your server on "Teamviewer" under the Swedish section.
  4. Name: Roseline Nickname: R0S3, SoPeaceful, Lady Peaceful, Eleanor. Mainly Peaceful and R0S3. About me: I am 17 years old, I come from the center of Denmark, I am half swedish according to the papers. I am well with languages and I definitely have a very good sense of humour. I tend to have an accent that I truly hope does not bother you. I like playing games that requires teamwork and logical thinking. example (Mount and Blade: Warband). I have a Functional Microphone with sound cancelling functions. I would like to be on this server because, well, you are mostly swedish and scandinavians; to be quite frank I enjoy the company of my fellows. I am currently attending a boarding school in germany where I do gymnastics and (Esport). So I get to play lots of games, therefore I am almost avaliable 24/7. I play League of legends with my school-team at the boarding school. Games that I play: Mount and Blade warband, Left 4 dead 2, Arma II, Dayz, CS:GO, The forest. May the odds be in your favor: summoner. The Royal Danish, Swedish and Norwegian army's.