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    The Goverment

    The Goverment (A.K.A High Command) is set up by the leaders of the five ministires and the president, their job is to ensure that Asgard is floating and through careful planning and discussions stear Asgard towards a common goal. They are the politicians caring for everything on the grandest of scales, and are the ones that go through reports given to them through the chain of command structure within Asgard. Those who are in here will fight a different battle only known to politicians. Togheter they voice the opinions of those that work within their branch, to ensure that all Asgardians will be heard, and their oppinions voiced. The Goverment Motto is – ”We always stand togheter, Bound by our ancestors, Togheter we face our problems head on. With an unified battlecry and a unified heart to ensure the future of our children.”


    Emblem Explenation - The Five arms represent each branch and the symbios they have with the High Command. The color grey symbolizes the neutrality each Council Member have and the importance to allow any members oppionion matter on the grander scale.



    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

    The politic affairs, who's sole purpose is to gather more people to our fleet. With their persuasive skills, and good argumentation, they make sure to always put our fleet in the front. They also are the people to contact for alliances and other pacts, and also driving the war in words against our enemies. "The Word is the mightiest of weapons, it can pierce trough any shields."

    Emblem Explenation - The Three horns are drinking horn that was used when succsesfull negotiations hade been handled. Whilist the snake symbolises the tiresome work to come to agreements. The green color stands for diplomatic negotiations and symbolises peace and coexistence.

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    The Ministry of Science and Technology

    The Ministry of science and Technology takes care of our expansion in the universe. Everything from exploration and discovering good locations to mine, to salvage from great battles. "The universe never ends, and there could always be more parts to explore, riches to be found, and new lands to be conquered."

    Emblem Explenation - Emblem Explenation - The Longship symbolises the way of transport which the vikings used, The blue color stands for the Seas that our ancestors traversed towards the corners of the world, Which is represented by the Hexagon. The star represent the vast space and the rices that awaits us out there.

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    The Ministry of treasury

    Governs Asgards Economy as a whole, Setting up the necessary trade routes, Without this Branch there would be no economy which makes the Galaxy go round. They make sure that the income brings Asgard as a whole into prosperity and always have the newest of toys.

    Emblem Explenation - The Midgardsnake that bites it's tail represent the flotation of the economy, And the cogs on the back symbolizes the industrial part of this branch. The yellow color is representing the riches through trade, whilist the bird represent that hasty decisions could make them a passing experience.

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    The Ministry of Defence

    Naval Intelligence. An information gathering reconnaissance unit who specalises in knowing everything that Asgard might need to know, even what you ate at breakfast. Not much is known about F.I or how they operate. One quote from their news correspondent was,

    ”Sorry that is classified information, i cannot comment on that matter, but you should have picked the red blouse this morning instead for this white one.” - Asgard 6 News.

    Emblem Explenation - The two ravens is Hugin and Munin who was the eyes and ears of Odin. They are depicted turned away to symbolize that they are gathering information for Asgard, which is shown by the A in the middle. The colors of black and white is represents that their cannot be any doubt about the information that is gathered.

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    The Ministry of Defence

    The Grand Navy is the heart within Asgard, always ready to fight any hostiles they gaze their eyes upon, they rely on complex strategy and vicious tactics to obliterate their enemies. If all else fails, you can always count on these trained professionals to use their brute force to finish the job. All the individuals of the Grand Navy are proud to be a part of the greatest branch in Asgard. - ”The Grand Navy always fight with honor in their hearts and with glory in their sight, together we fight as brothers and sisters, along side each others, together always loyal to the navy and to Asgard. No matter how Grimm the odds might be, we will always fight to our fullest, so proud Asgardians if you feel like you want to make a difference, to make your parents and grand parents and ancestors proud.

    Join the Navy today, And tomorrow we set sail to Valhall.” - Dr.Who answer to Asgard 6 News.


      Emblem Explenation - The sword in the emblem stands for to be vigilant and be ready for a fight. The crossed axes depicts the loyal bond that the men share and their undying will to protect one and another. The color of red is depicted of the blood from our enemies but also our fallen comrades. The wicker ring represents the bond and loyalty we share with our brethren. The Rune scripture on the swords stands for ”Tyr” The warrior god in Norse mythology.